4-7 August 2002 Images page three

Miguel Hernandez a member of CIMA, which is a regional partner of NGO FUNDECIMA - Integral Commission for the Colombian Macizo.
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Rene, a human rights worker at the CIMA meeting.

Delegation member and former POC Judy Bierbaum listens and takes notes while the classroom kitten enjoys her lap at CIMA.

An Italian Restaurant in the old section of Popayan.

The stone arch bridge in the background was built by Afro-Colombian slaves in the early 1700s.

Meeting with the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC). Members Jorge and Gilberto explain some of the difficulties they face.
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An Uribe political poster. His theme was "a strong hand with a soft heart".

The street of our hotel.

A regional leader in Cauca, our accompaniment during our 3 day visit to the campo, Marylen.
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We were scheduled to return to Bogota Wednesday afternoon, the day of the Presidential Inauguration. All flights into Bogota had been temporarily suspended. This young army soldier was standing guard outside the terminal as we waited. The image was taken through a window, and the soldier turned his head and stared right at the camera as the picture was being taken.
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