Mother's Day Weekend Walk for Peace

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Minneapolis walk marked Mother's Day weekend with a call for peace and an end to war in Iraq

A coalition of Twin Cities area organizations marked Mother's Day weekend with a "Mother's Walk for Peace" on Saturday, May 13. Women Against Military Madness and the Twin Cities Peace Campaign/Focus on Iraq organized the event.

The walk started and ended at Lake Harriet United Methodist Church, in Minneapolis. The 175 persons attending on the cold and wet day walked through the nearby 50th and France retail area in Edina. A program with speakers and music was held following the walk.

"There is special urgency to speak out against the continued war in Iraq. On Mother's Day weekend, we say no to the continuation of the war and also speak out against the threat of military action against Iran," said Marie Braun, one of the organizers of the event.

Mother's Day began in the U.S. with an anti-war proclamation written by Julia Ward Howe in 1870. She spoke out against war and called for a day in which mothers would gather to oppose war.

Braun said, "Mother's Day is about more than cards and flowers. It is a time to reflect on our responsibilities to build a world in which all children can mature and grow, free of the scourge of the violence of war that can destroy not only the body but the soul of a nation."

The Minneapolis event was among many expressions of anti-war sentiment being held in the U.S. on Mother's Day, including a 24-hour vigil at the White House.

A statement issued by organizers says, in part, "Three years have passed since President Bush stood atop an aircraft carrier [May 1, 2003] and announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq. Now, more than 2,400 U.S. service members have died along with untold thousands of Iraqis. The majority of Americans and Iraqis want to end the occupation. Yet, instead of working for peace, the Bush Administration seems intent on launching a new military campaign in the region, this time against Iran. On Mother's Day weekend we come together to say no to war!"
–Alan Dale

Rally organizers:

Twin Cities Peace Campaign: 612-522-1861

Woman Against Military Madness (WAMM): 612-827-5364 or online

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