In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre elk
(World Peace Ceremony)
Betty McKenzie, CSJ as the frog (World Peace Ceremony)
Joan Johnson as the racoon (World Peace Ceremony)
Dan Berrigan, SJ (Spirituality and Activism)
Jerry Berrigan with his uncle Dan.
John LaForge, Barb Katt and Dan Berrigan (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Barb Katt (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Mel Duncan (The Future)
Elizabeth Martinez (The Future)
College of Saint Olaf student Jenny Randolph (Visioning)
American University student Matt Bowles (Visioning)
Jane McDonald, CSJ (Visioning)
Visioning – passing the light of truth
Donna Howard–Hastings (Commitment to Nonviolence)
Tom Howard–Hastings (Commitment to Nonviolence)
Donna, Tom and Utah (Commitment to Nonviolence)
Tom Bottolene (Alliant Action)
And in the end...
Char Madigan, CSJ and Rita Foster, CSJ with Elizabeth Martinez
(after an interesting ride to the airport in the Red Pepper Van).
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