Utah Philips with UST student Nate Gray
UST student / moderator Jermaine Toney (Civil Rights)
Mahmoud El-Kati (Civil Rights)
David Dellinger (Draft Resistance)
Martha Roth (Draft Resistance)
Marianne Hamilton and UST student / moderator Chris Carroll (Draft Resistance)
Carol Masters and David Mura (Arts and Activism)
Susu Jeffrey and Larry Long (Arts and Activism)
Bonnie Urfer, Harvey Wasserman, Leah Foushee and George Crocker
(Nuclear Energy and the Environment)
Medea Benjamin (World Order)
Larry Weiss (World Order)
Frida Berrigan (World Order)
Karen Lu performs at a Gathering.
Norman Solomon (Media Plenary)
Amy Goodman (Media Plenary)
Media Plenary – above and below
Robert Bly (poetry) and Staughton Lynd (Friday evening keynote)
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